This is a website containing animations create by me (Becky Burst).

The website will show you all my work associated with animation created in 2D and 3D. the website will also display my drawings of character designs.

the programs used in my work is:


Adobe_Flash_Professional_icon  Flash.

906755  Toon Boom Harmony 10.

 Toon Boom Animate Pro.



 After Effects.

(Logo images were scores from goggle images and I do not own them.)

you can find my work also by going to:




About becky burst

I am a 22 year old student studding animation at university with a burning passion to animate. I am skilled in the following programmes Flash, Toon boom Animate pro, Maya, Photoshop, iMove and After Effects. I enjoy create characters as wells animating and work on my animation at home as well university. I enter my work in compotation and enjoy showing my work to others

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