Becky Burst Biography

I am a freelance animator with a burning passion to animate.

I have done a three week course for Cutlass Productions Limited leaning CelAction. This involved leaning the basics of the software and crating animations for my reel.

I have done a year internship at Guestlist doing various animated projects. Such as a logo for Kravmaga a self defence company and an animated short for their website.

I have done freelance work for Badbonobo and was given the task to creating moving images for their project.

I studied at Staffordshire University and received a BA Degree in Animation (2/1).

I am skilled in the following programs:

  • CelAction
  • Adobe  Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Toon boom Animate pro
  • Maya
  •  iMove

I was part of an animation society where I organised events and group meetings. I helped run the society festival in sorting out the entries and given rewards. I am confident in my work and have submitted films into competitions and festivals. In my spare time I like to create digital paintings in both backgrounds and character designs. I also enjoy creating my own animations with flash or Toonboom. I’m interested in playing video games and enjoy looking at the visuals of the game. I am outgoing and regularly go horse riding.



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