This is a portfolio of the works produced in animation formats.

Here are links to the animations please click on the animation you like to see then press play once loaded.

Show Reel of my work

show reelSuper Dog and The Eight Divines (Flash)

super dogThe Flower Temple (Toon Boom Harmony 10)

Music video (group project)

flower temple Forever Tied (Toon Boom Harmony 10)

myth and legend

Sorry (Toon Boom Harmony 10)

Dog’s Dream (Toon Boom Harmony 10)

The great Ball escape (Toon Boom Harmony 10 10)

Fly (Toon Boom Harmony -After Effects)

Good and Evil between brothers (Toon Boom Harmony)

Me and my dog (Toon Boom Harmony – After Effects)

Super Dog (Photoshop – Storyboard pro)

lizard with fire powers (Toon Boom Harmony)

The little Adventures of Dino the Dragon (Toon Boom Harmony)

The Matchbox of Doom (Maya)


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